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January 5                   

Arrows of the Almighty


What Christians Are For And Against
Christian faithfulness in a culture like ours demands that we be against many things even as we embrace the hope of the Kingdom of God. We must be clear about what we are for, and what we are against.
     The tough decisions that Gospel faithfulness demands of Christians cannot be made based on a concern for our reputation. We don't seek power; we seek a society where government promotes justice in all spheres of society and protects the public good. Our task does not change from one moment to the next. In all of life, in every sphere of society, the challenge and the opportunity to proclaim Christ and promote what is true and good has always been and remains to be our calling.
     As Paul prayed for the Philippian church in 1:9 of that letter, Christian love requires knowledge and discernment. We need to be clear about what we are against, and clear about what we are for. Christ's causes are our causes.
    So, let's be known as people who are for the proclamation of the Gospel. Let's be for truth and for goodness and for beauty. Let's be against the taking of innocent life and the sexual exploitation of children. Let's be for those ideas that align with God's general and special revelation, and against those ideas that confuse self-determination for freedom. Let's be against covering up sin, and for God's good gift of repentance. Let's be for the freedom only found in Christ and against all attempts by political or corporate forces to bind our conscience. Let's be ruthlessly against ideas that dehumanize, and at the same time fiercely for those being dehumanized.
     We can be appropriately for and appropriately against only when our love is shaped by knowledge and discernment. We will often find ourselves, in the New Year and beyond, against the world. But when we are, let it be because we are actually for the world, empowered by and in service to the One whose world it is. Yes, "Jesus so loved the world ..."


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