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    Since our first visit to Kenya in 1980 we have met and come to love the pastors of Kenyan Churches. But it was Pastor Robert Mutambi whom the Lord first laid on our hearts to help. He and his family were living in extreme poverty in the Mathari Valley outside Nairobi. During a short three days of ministry in the area the Lord gathered together a small congregation of newly converted and more experienced Christians, lifted up Robert to pastor and provided a public place for them to meet. Since then, that one fellowship has become many throughout the area. Robert and his wife Dina were faithfully serving there till here death in October of 2006. Since then Robert has continued with this ministry called African Gospel Evangelization (A.G.E.). A children's Christian School from Kindergarten through 8th grade has been established as well as a vocational school teaching tailoring and carpentry for adults. From having nothing in 1980, Robert has become a bishop with many pastors and churches serving together with him in Kenya.

     The Shangilia Kenyan Orphanage is another of the Kenyan ministries which we support on a regular basis. Kefa Kadenge and his wife, Lonika, founded the Rehema Day Care Centre over a decade ago and work in conjunction with the Shangilia Orphanage Home to provide shelter, food, clothing, schooling and guidance for hundreds of orphans whose parents have died because of the AIDS pandemic in that country.

    The Samro Kenyan School for children many of whom have no living parent are drastically needed for they are the future of any country. Samro School is the result of Samuel and Rhoda Teimuge's vision for a Christian school to give the children of Kenya knowledge in the atmosphere of the Christian faith. Started in 2002 it now has over 250 children who are doing very well in preparing for the life that is ahead of them. This School and its surrounding works are growing very fast and the Lord is greatly blessing the labors of the Teimuges. 

     A Ghanian Bible School does well in Kumasi, Ghana where many Christian leaders and pastors have been trained in this school. Martin Ampomah supervises and teaches in this Bible School. He and a group of other ministers have formed Harvesters Evangelistic Ministry through which many new Churches have sprung up in Ghana. Jim and Barbe have had the privilege of receiving their hospitality, have ministered in some of their churches and have seen their love for their people.

    The thought of the Caribbean Ocean brings images of beaches, scuba diving and vacations to mind. The Caribbean economies depend heavily on tourism but just like everyone else the people need to know the salvation that comes from believing in the Lord Jesus Christ. We have ministered with and been in the home of Malcolm Sobers. He is an apostle to the area and lives in Belize City where they have formed the Caribbean Outreach Ministries. He has been very instrumental in bringing pastors and Christian leaders together to unify their efforts. He has great respect and pastors cooperate with him very well. He has traveled throughout the Caribbean pioneering Churches and is respected by government leaders as one who shares a true prophetic word from the Lord. JBMI counts it a privilege to be among those who help this work to prosper.

    In Northern England, Lisl vonSchweinitz works tirelessly in the Lord's vineyard. She came to the Lord in the early 1970s during the Jesus People Movement here in Tucson. She has worked in Germany with Youth With A Mission and she has lived in northern England for nearly 20 years where her ministry of counseling and preaching is appreciated by many Churches. We channel the funds for her Stateside supporters.

    Home Ministry can easily be overlooked. It is sometimes easier to share the Lord overseas than with family and neighbors at home. Jim and Barbe have been involved in many home meetings in Tucson. They are both active leaders in Grace to the Nations, their home Church which they helped to pioneer in the early 1970s. They are leaders in home groups, have ministered in the Pima County Jail Ministry, city wide Christian celebrations of Easter and World Missions. a local Prayer House, Mayor's prayer Breakfasts and many other community gatherings. 

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